Strategic Alliances

Clean Line strives to maximize the benefits of the project to the communities and states where the project will be located. With that goal in mind, Clean Line is committed to using qualified local and regional contractors to build and maintain the transmission line. These efforts will create more jobs and help communities derive additional economic benefits from the project. Clean Line has signed agreements designating the following businesses as preferred suppliers to manufacture components and participate in the construction of the Grain Belt Express Clean Line. 

PAR Electric

Clean Line has an agreement with PAR Electric, a leading construction company owned by Quanta Services, that positions PAR to manage the construction jobs for the Grain Belt Express Clean Line.  PAR will work to ensure that these construction jobs will be filled by local workers in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.  PAR is one of the largest and most respected EPC contractor companies in North America. More than 3,000 PAR employees deliver the technical skill and physical capacity to respond safely, quickly and cost effectively to any project.  Based in Kansas City, Missouri, PAR has permanent offices in Illinois and other states across the nation as well as temporary offices near its work sites.

General Cable, a Fortune 500 Company, is a global leader in the development, design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable products for the energy, industrial, and communications markets. General Cable has been selected as a preferred supplier of high voltage transmission conductor for Grain Belt Express, an order of roughly 23 million feet of conductor.

ABB Inc.

Clean Line designated ABB in 2013 as the preferred supplier to manufacture medium power transformers for the Grain Belt Express transmission collector system, where new wind farms will connect to the project in Kansas. ABB plans to manufacture the transformers at its St. Louis, Missouri facility. ABB is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB facility in St. Louis employs approximately 175 people. The Grain Belt Express agreement will generate expected revenue of $10 million.

Hubbell Power Systems

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. (Hubbell) is the preferred supplier of insulators and hardware for the Grain Belt Express transmission line. Hubbell manufactures a wide variety of transmission, distribution, substation, and telecommunications products used by utilities. Hubbell will manufacture transmission hardware and the core of the polymer insulators, and manage ongoing inventory and logistics for the Grain Belt Express project, in Centralia, Missouri. Hubbell will also establish a supplier base within the project area to source raw material from local companies. To support the agreement with Grain Belt Express, Hubbell will invest over $9 million in its Centralia, Missouri facilities, where Hubbell employs approximately 600 Missourians.

“We are pleased that Clean Line decided to work with Hubbell Power Systems to manufacture the conductor hardware assemblies and polymer insulators for the Grain Belt Express transmission project. New energy infrastructure projects like the Grain Belt Express are critical to our investment decision making.”
– William Tolley, President of Hubbell Power Systems, Inc.

A leader in technology and innovation, Southwire Company, LLC is one of North America’s largest wire and cable producers. Southwire and its subsidiaries manufacture underground and overhead Utility products, Renewable Energy products, building wire and cable, metal-clad (MC) cable, portable and electronic cord products. Southwire also provides OEM wire products, engineered products, continuous casting technology, and products made by Technology Research, LLC and Watteredge, LLC, both subsidiaries of Southwire Company. 

Southwire’s Flora, Illinois plant has more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of overhead transmission conductor. Today, the plant leverages that expertise to support large-scale transmission projects like Grain Belt Express. The Grain Belt Express project could require as much as $35 million in materials from Southwire, depending on commodity prices and other variables.