Routing Process

Clean Line developed the Grain Belt Express Clean Line route in a way that minimizes impacts on existing land use and natural and cultural resources. Through public involvement and coordination with agencies and conservation groups, Clean Line solicited stakeholder input to identify and refine a network of potential routes, and ultimately selected one proposed route, based on numerous routing guidelines.


  • Residences
  • Agricultural land
  • State and federal lands
  • Recreational areas
  • Water resources
  • Known cultural resources
  • Sensitive habitats and protected species
  • Airports/airstrips
  • Schools, churches, and cemeteries
  • Engineering considerations
  • Paralleling existing infrastructure
  • Community feedback
  • Government and conservation agency feedback
  • Conservation areas
  • Safety codes
  • and other factors

Routing and Public engagement

Clean Line conducted an extensive public involvement and routing process, during which the Clean Line project team met with landowners, tenants, conservation and agricultural organizations, community leaders, government agencies, elected officials, and others to gather input and feedback.

Starting in January 2013, Clean Line obtained feedback on potential routes from more than 2,300 Kansans at 14 Public Open Houses, through letters, and over the phone. Clean Line used this feedback to help refine potential routes and ultimately select one proposed route to file for approval with the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). In November 2013, the KCC issued an order unanimously approving Clean Line’s siting application and the 370-mile Kansas portion of the Grain Belt Express Clean Line. Please click here to view the Kansas route.

In 2013 and 2016, Clean Line held 21 public open houses in Missouri to seek feedback on potential routes in Missouri. More than 3,500 routing comments from landowners and local residents were considered in the process of selecting the proposed route in Missouri.

Clean Line began gathering stakeholder input to develop the route in Illinois by holding community roundtable meetings across the state in 2012.  Landowners were invited to provide feedback at 27 public meetings across the project area in 2014 and 2015. More than 3,100 people attended the public meetings.

In November 2015, the Illinois Commerce Commission approved the Illinois route of the Grain Belt Express Clean Line and granted Clean Line a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to construct and operate the Illinois portion of the project. Please click here to view the Illinois route.