Regulatory Processes

The successful siting of a long-haul transmission project is a lengthy, complex process. Click here to learn more about the regulatory approval processes throughout the project area.

Grain Belt Express Clean Line Files For Public Utility Status in Indiana

Following public meetings in Sullivan, IN, Grain Belt Express Clean Line applied to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission for public utility status in the state where the project will connect with the existing grid and deliver up to 3,500 MW of wind power. Utility status in Indiana will position the project one step closer to creating jobs, supporting local communities, delivering low-cost clean energy, and reducing pollution. To learn more about the filing, please click here to view the press release.

"The Grain Belt Express Clean Line will help Hoosiers diversify our energy resources and sustain our economy by efficiently delivering competitively-priced, renewable energy from the windy Great Plains to the Crossroads of America.”
- Vince Griffin, Vice President, Environmental & Energy Policy, Indiana Chamber of Commerce


On December 6, 2011, the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) unanimously approved Grain Belt Express Clean Line’s application to conduct business as a public utility in Kansas.

Achieving utility status in Kansas marks a major milestone in our effort to develop a transmission line that will enable more than 3,500 megawatts of new wind power to be built in western Kansas for delivery to communities and cities in Missouri and points farther east. To learn more about the decision, please click here to view the press release.

"The Grain Belt Express Clean Line will provide a vital boost in Kansas’ efforts to lead the nation in renewable energy production. This project will bring wellpaying jobs, generate revenue for landowners and local communities, and open Kansas’ abundant wind resource to new markets. Transmission projects like this are key in our mission to establish Kansas as not only the Wheat State but also the Wind State."

- Sam Brownback, Kansas Governor 

This is the first of two regulatory approvals Clean Line will obtain from the KCC in order to site, construct, and operate the Grain Belt Express transmission line project in Kansas.  Grain Belt Express Clean Line will file the second application with the Kansas Corporation Commission after evaluating environmental data and working with the public to identify a preferred route.  We will file similar applications with the Missouri Public Service Commission and the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Kansas Regulatory Filing Update   

On Aug. 19, Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) staff and other interested parties submitted comments on Grain Belt Express Clean Line’s regulatory application in Kansas. The testimony marks a milestone in Grain Belt Express Clean Line’s application to be determined a public utility in the State of Kansas. 

On October 10 -12, 2011 there will be an evidentiary hearing in Topeka. The KCC will then make a decision on our application by December 22, 2011.

You can view Grain Belt Express Clean Line’s application and testimony from staff and other parties here.

You can show support for our project by sending a support letter to the KCC. Please click here to download a letter. Your support does make a difference.