Public Engagement

Grain Belt Express Clean Line Collaboration with Stakeholders

Clean Line strives to develop the Grain Belt Express project in a collaborative, methodical and transparent manner. We are committed to involving the public in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana throughout the routing and project development process. Please click here to contact the Grain Belt Express project team.


Office Hours – Office Hours events are informal meetings which provide landowners and other stakeholders another opportunity to ask questions, review the maps of the route, and learn more about the project.  Clean Line has hosted office hours throughout the project area and has met with more than 500 landowners and community members.

Public Open Houses – Clean Line holds Public Open Houses to provide information about the project and collect feedback to help refine potential routes and ultimately select a single proposed route. To date, thousands of landowners have participated in Public Open Houses in Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. Others have provided routing feedback online or via phone.

Community Roundtables – Clean Line hosts Community Roundtables throughout our project study area to gather information regarding local area constraints and development plans from county officials, economic development directors, regional planners, and representatives from environmental and conservation groups. At each Roundtable, Clean Line team members provide an overview of the project and our routing process. To date, 740 community leaders have participated in Roundtables.

Community Introductions – The project team has met with county officials and community leaders in more than 100 counties in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana to introduce the project and answer questions. These introductory meetings were held in advance of the Community Roundtables and assisted the team in identifying local officials to invite to the Roundtables. Grain Belt Express representatives continue to meet with community members throughout the development process.

Ongoing Dialogue with Project Stakeholders – Clean Line is committed to developing our projects in an open and transparent manner.  This is achieved through continued dialogue with local community stakeholders and landowners throughout the project area.  We are available anytime to discuss Grain Belt Express and its benefits to the local community.   If you would like to speak directly with a member of the project team, click here.


Clean Line holds Local Business Opportunity Meetings to inform local businesses about the project and to provide information about the types of local and regional contractors that could assist in the development, construction, and maintenance of the transmission project. To date, 330 business representatives in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana have participated in Local Business Opportunity Meetings. More information about local business opportunities is available here.

local representatives

Clean Line's local community liaisons are available to meet with you in your area.

Based in central Illinois, Rick Cornell is meeting with community members to keep them informed of our efforts. Rick has over 30 years of experience in governmental finance and public sector issues, working in the Office of the Illinois Attorney General, for the state General Assembly, and in the Office of the Illinois State Comptroller before serving as Assistant Comptroller from 2003-2010. You can reach him at

Lowell Newsom joined the team in fall 2013, and is located in Chariton County, Missouri. Lowell is from Chariton County, worked in St. Louis for many years, and recently moved back to the county to be closer to his parents and their farming operation. You can reach him via email at