Show Your Support

Clean Line is working state by state to seek the regulatory approvals required to operate as a public utility and build the Grain Belt Express Clean Line in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. Letters of support from landowners, local businesses, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders are an important consideration in each state public utility commission’s review process. Please consider submitting a letter of support to help us move the project forward. See below for details on how to show your support.

To submit a letter of support online, click here.
To submit a letter of support for our Missouri application, click here.

To download a letter of support, click here.

Please mail letters to:

Clean Line Energy Partners
c/o Grain Belt Express Clean Line
1001 McKinney, Suite 700
Houston, TX 77002

If you prefer, you may also scan and email the signed letter to Eleanor Elbert at